NSA Back Doors Increase Our Vulnerability to Cyber Attack

A Carnegie Mellon University release reports that Peha, a professor of engineering and public policy and former chief technology officer of the FCC and assistant director of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology, said deliberately weakening commercial products and services may make it easier for U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct surveillance, but “this strategy also inevitably makes it easier for criminals, terrorists and foreign powers to infiltrate these systems for their own purposes.” Peha pointed out that cybersecurity vulnerabilities created to eavesdrop on terrorists could have vast unintended consequences.

CEPS: Privacy vs Security Out of Balance with NSA and GCHQ

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Via the Guardian: The authors of a new study on mass-scale surveillance from CEPS have accused the intelligence services of the US and EU countries of violating European law and urged the European parliament to take action….

…They said the EU parliament should threaten to block an EU-US free trade agreement unless the NSA and GCHQ disclose the full nature of their surveillance programmes.

From the About Us page at the CEPS website:

Founded in Brussels in 1983, the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) is among the most experienced and authoritative think tanks operating in the European Union today. CEPS serves as a leading forum for debate on EU affairs, but its most distinguishing feature lies in its strong in-house research capacity, complemented by an extensive network of partner institutes throughout the world.

Read original article at The Guardian

Download CEPS Study at their website.

Dianne Feinstein Defends NSA Overreach


Big Brother’s Loyal Sister: How Dianne Feinstein Is Betraying Civil Liberties

Via Disinfo.com:

Feinstein’s essay — touting her new bill, the “FISA Improvements Act,” which she just pushed through the Senate Intelligence Committee — claimed that the legislation will “bridge the gap between preventing terrorism and protecting civil liberties.” But as Electronic Frontier Foundation activist Trevor Timm writes, the bill actually “codifies some of the NSA’s worst practices, would be a huge setback for everyone’s privacy, and it would permanently entrench the NSA’s collection of every phone record held by U.S. telecoms.”

H.R. 992 Guts Dodd Frank

The US House is attempting to sell out Main St. yet again, in a bipartisan bow down to their masters on Wall Street.

Via Represent.US:

The U.S. House just passed a bill called H.R. 992 — the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act — that was literally written by mega-bank lobbyists. It repeals the laws passed in 2010 to prevent another meltdown like the one that crashed our economy in 2008. The repeal was cosponsored by a former Goldman Sachs executive and passed with bipartisan support from some of the House’s largest recipients of Wall Street cash.

Tightened Buttocks after Traffic Stop Probable Cause for Cavity Search


4 On Your Side investigates traffic stop nightmare

The incident began January 2, 2013 after David Eckert finished shopping at the Wal-Mart in Deming.  According to a federal lawsuit, Eckert didn’t make a complete stop at a stop sign coming out of the parking lot and was immediately stopped by law enforcement.

Eckert’s attorney, Shannon Kennedy, said in an interview with KOB that after law enforcement asked him to step out of the vehicle, he appeared to be clenching his buttocks.  Law enforcement thought that was probable cause to suspect that Eckert was hiding narcotics in his anal cavity.  While officers detained Eckert, they secured a search warrant from a judge that allowed for an anal cavity search.

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