You Do Have Something to Hide and You Should Be Worried

Eye_of_Horus_by_monikapedersenHow the NSA Surveillance State effects you as the innocent, or as the innocent right now.

You do have something to hide, and you should be worried. But more about you in a minute.

More importantly, lot’s of people that directly effect your life have something to hide. Or someone they love does. And they can be controlled far more certainly by misuse of the surveillance state than by a stockholder or a voter.

The political leaders you vote for can be controlled by the surveillance state at even the highest level. They can be bribed by feeding them dirt on an opponent. They can be blackmailed to vote a certain way, award a contract to a certain company, or to generally support the interest of the blackmailer over the voters.

The leaders of businesses in which you invest can be controlled by the surveillance state. They can be spied upon by private workers contracted to the NSA.  Contractors paid by conglomerates that also hold interests in other businesses, businesses that might compete with those in which you invest. Insider trading on a massive scale would be a snap as well.

Eric Snowden is proof that there is little oversight within the agency to keep these things from happening. Considering the events within the financial and political world in recent years, it doesn’t seem far fetched to think that some of them have already happened.

And now back to you. Maybe you don’t have anything to hide, or do anything illegal right now. But with unlimited data retention it doesn’t matter. Because the political beliefs you hold right now could be considered treasonous in the future. Because a website you visit right now, could be deemed dangerously radical in the future. And just because all of your social behaviors fall within the norm right now, does not mean they will in twenty years. A future reality of retroactive criminal prosecution seems to align quite well in a state that conducts  total surveillance and holds the data forever.


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