EFF: New York Times Hasn’t Read TPP But Endorses It


You and I can’t read the text of  the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, and presumably neither have the editors of The Times. But that is not stopping them from endorsing it. This reminds me of how some legislators are endorsing NSA spying tactics without knowing what those tactics are.

Via EFF.org: The New York Times’ editorial board has made a disappointing endorsement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), even as the actual text of the agreement remains secret. That raises two distressing possibilities: either in an act of extraordinary subservience, the Times has endorsed an agreement that neither the public nor its editors have the ability to read. Or, in an act of extraordinary cowardice, it has obtained a copy of the secret text and hasn’t yet fulfilled its duty to the public interest to publish it.

Read original article at www.eff.org

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